Handheld Laser Scanning - ZEB-REVO

The ZEB-REVO is the latest, lightweight revolving laser scanner from GeoSLAM. Handheld, pole-mounted or attached to a mobile platform, the ZEB-REVO can record more than 40,000 measurement points per second from the survey environment.

Geoslam ZEB-REVO handheld laser scanning
GeoSLAM ZEB-CAM handheld laser scanning


The new ZEB-CAM is an optional upgrade for standard ZEB-REVO systems. Simply attach ZEB-CAM to the underside of a standard REVO and begin scanning immediately. The ZEB-CAM captures live video footage of the survey environment and adds contextual video and imagery to scan data to aid feature identification. Optical flow technology is utilised to accurately synchronise the video and scan together in GeoSLAM's Desktop software.


Mount and Scan

Mount the GeoSLAM ZEB-REVO – lightweight revolving laser-scanner – onto your chosen mobile platform such as a vehicle or UAV and pass through your target survey environment to record more than 40,000 measurement points/second.


Process On-line

Upload your raw scan data to the GeoSLAM Cloud where Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) software will transform your survey measurements into a fully registered point cloud.


Download 3D

Replace large upfront software costs and annual maintenance charges with GeoSLAM pay-as-you go data processing and 3D download service.

If you're not sure of the words used please see our ‘Laser Scanning Jargon’ page for definitions of technical terms.

System Features:

Max Range: 30m*, Data Acquisition Rate: 43, 200 points/sec, Resolution: 0.625° horizontal 1.8 °  vertical, Angular FOV: 270 °  x 360 °, Supply Voltage: 12DVC ± 10%, Supply Current: Max 1.5A, normal 1.0A, Power Consumption: Less than 20W, Operating Temperature: 0° to + 50°c, Operating Humidity: <85% RH, Mounting Operation: Removable handle provided. Can also be pole or vehicle mounted.


Relative Accuracy: 2-3cm, Absolute Position Accuracy: 3-30cm (10 mins scanning, 1 loop)


Battery Type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo), Capacity: 8Ah +/- 5%, Nominal Voltage: 12V, Battery life: 4 hours (continuous use), Charge Time: 8 – 12 hours, Battery Lifespan: 300+ cycles, Chargers Supplied: UK, USA, EU & AUS, Weight: 600g


Data Storage Capacity: 55GB, Raw Data File Size: ~100MB for every 1 min scanning, Processed Data File Size: ~8MB for every 1 min scanning, Default output file format: .LAZ (compressed .LAS), Compatibility: Unzipped .LAS data compatible with all major CAD software packages.


Laser Safety Class: Class 1 Eye Safe, Laser Wavelength: 905nm, Scanner Line Speed: 100Hz, Scanner Resolution: 0.625° horizontal, Rotation Speed: 0.5Hz


IP Rating: IP64 (dust-tight, splash-proof), Cable Connectors: LEMO multi pin, Weight (scanner): 1.0kg, Weight (total system): 4.1kg, Dimensions (scanner): 86 x 113 x 287 mm, Dimensions (backpack): 180 x 220 x 470 mm.

*For further details, see the ZEB-REVO brochure.

GeoSLAM’s solutions are changing the way we survey buildings. We can now measure building plans 10-times faster than we used to with a total station or traditional survey equipment.

- Morten Throft, COWI, Denmark

We are streamlining our business on the back of this game-changing technology from GeoSLAM which is revolutionising our process for surveying underground mines.

- William Hedges, ICL Fertilisers, UK

About GeoSLAM

GeoSLAM was founded in 2012 as a joint venture between CSIRO (Australia’s National Science Agency and the inventors of WiFi) and 3D Laser Mapping (a leading global provider of 3D LIDAR solutions). Initially starting out as a manufacturer and retailer of the ZEB1 handheld laser scanner, the company has grown rapidly in both range and scope, now incorporating a global network of distributors serving 32 countries across 6 continents as well as moving onto the next generation of handheld laser scanning with the ZEB-REVO and ZEB-CAM.

3D Laser Mapping is exclusive distributor of GeoSLAM products in Australia.