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Find out what's new in Terrasolid in 2016

The newest features within the Terrasolid products that have been added to the Terrasolid version 016 software between February 2015 and February of 2016.

New Features: 64-Bit Terrasolid Applications Feb 2016

  • Single biggest feature and effort
  • All LIDAR related applications released
  • Same license as 32-bit applications
  • Both versions may be used on the same computer
  • New features only in 64-bit versions
  • Not automatically faster, but access to more memory
  • Increased block sizes

New Features in TerraScan Feb 2016

  • Improvements
    • Compute normal vectors
    • Multiple source classes for:
      • Classify Using Brush
      • Measure Density
      • Place Catenary String
    • Group Attribute for user defined point file formats
    • Geographic position support for user defined trajectory output file formats
    • Better color resolution when writing to design file
    • Set accuracy menu command
    • Move sun key-in command
    • Extract echoes in macros
    • Automatic classes
    • MicroStation tentative snaps to laser points
  • Support for GPS Time
  • LAZ Support
  • Convert project storage format
  • Coloring points from multi scanner intensity
  • Find Danger Points improvements
    • Additional automatic views
    • Draw Marker to selected danger point
    • Open block automatically
    • Generate an HTML report using a template document
    • Support for geographic coordinates in output report
  • New Class+Intensity and Color+Intensity display options
  • Cut overlap – By Density
  • Merge small blocks – manual and automatic
  • Edit several blocks
  • Smooth point color
  • Classify by polygons & 3D polygons
  • Export closest hit z
  • LAS v1.4 Support
  • Classify Model Keypoint – Set model keypoint flag
  • Cut Overlap – Set overlap flag

New Features in TerraMatch Feb 2016

  • Improvements
    • Add Known Point
  • Better handling of Big Tie Line sets
  • Display Mode for Tie Lines
  • Tie Line Setting
  • Filter Bad Tie Lines
  • Position -> Thin by Travel Distance
  • Position -> Report Gaps

New Features in TerraPhoto Feb 2016

  • Improvements
  • Google Earth Export support through geotagged TIFF files
  • Raw image viewing and quality assignment
  • Wall textures from mobile images
  • Constant Color Textures
  • Blur Selected Polygons

New Features in TerraModeler Feb 2016

  • Ability to remove temporarily displayed quantity results

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