Stockpile Monitoring Solutions

Stock control at your fingertips with SiteMonitorSV

SiteMonitorSV is a fully automated inventory management system. With rapidly communicating sensors working together to display information via automated reports in both graphical and Excel formats, decision making is made easy with the use of SiteMonitorSV.

How it works

SiteMonitorSV is a customisable solution, based on a system of laser scanners, control boxes and software packages. The number of laser scanners and their placement can vary from customer to customer in order to achieve the best results for each particular site.

Stockpiles are scanned at customisable, regular intervals, gaining volume and tonnage data that can then be analysed and managed daily using the software packages installed

SiteMonitorSV SiteMonitorSV

Single or Multiple Laser Scanners

Each scanner comprises of two motors in bi-axial configuration (pan/tilt), and a Laser Distance Meter (LDM). The scanner in this solution has a range from 0.5m up to 200m on natural surfaces, a rotational resolution of 50, 000PPR and a measured number of points equalling approximately 11 000 for the full scan pattern. With a IP65 rating the scanner can withstand many difficult conditions.

Control/Communication Box

A key part to SiteMonitorSV this unit ensures communication between the scanner and the dedicated on-site PC. Essentially converting the communications interface from that of the scanners to that of normal Ethernet from where this unit can easily be slotted in to the local IT infrastructure. This box is to be located in the nearby vicinity of the scanner.

Dedicated On-Site PC

Running AIMS – Middleware Software and ART – Frontend Software the scans can be setup, initiated, results viewed and reports generated.

AIMS Software

AIMS is installed on the site PC, allowing the client to view the current and past scans. You can view the following via this interface:

  • System configurations
  • Calculations
  • 3D graphic representations
  • Scan data
  • Histories

ART Software

ART is the front-end of SiteMonitor SV. It contains a user friendly graphic interface and reporting functionalities.  This software platform is installed on the site PC, which is located on the client's network. The ART software is:

  • Accessible Available to all personnel that are allowed access to this information
  • Customizable Customized to represent the site layout and lists all storage vessels/stockpiles on the system.
  • Flexible Enables you to input a bulk density to be applied to each product/stockpile which allows a report of all values in a tonnage format. All reporting  is published to the client via CSV files.

The software also provides site summaries, summaries by grade, detailed information of individual storage vessels/stockpiles and grading information.

SiteMonitorSV SiteMonitorSV SiteMonitorSV SiteMonitorSV