Phase One

Fully integrated medium format aerial camera systems built to meet  the exacting needs of aerial photography and streamline capture and processing.

Industrial Aerial Cameras

The Phase One aerial cameras are integrated medium format camera systems, designed exclusively for aerial photography.

Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, Phase One aerial cameras are built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography and streamline the entire capture and processing workflow.

Phase One has a solution for everything from mini UAVs to large manned aircraft.

Why Phase One?

Easily integrated into existing systems, Phase One cameras combine flexibility and exceptional image quality and features to create a customisable solution suited to your needs. At a fraction of the price of rival large-format cameras, the quality and functionality of the Phase One cameras can't be bettered, and we are proud to add the systems to our range of 3D data capture devices.


Mapping, Oil and gas pipelines monitoring, Critical infrastructure inspection, Power line monitoring, Coastal surveillance, Wind turbine blade inspection, Disaster site monitoring and mapping, Iceberg monitoring, Forestry, vegetation identification, agriculture crop monitoring, Hydrometric mapping, Asset management, 3D modelling, Entertainment and game market, Crowd monitoring

Phase One

What makes them unique?

Increase profitability through the ability to fly more days under less optimal light conditions, compensating for issues with blurring and smearing.

FMC employs Time Delayed Integration (TDI) to compensate for image blurring occurring as a result of slower shutter speeds, faster flight speeds or higher GSDs. More flexibility when determining flight schedules and enhanced image quality under low light.

The Phase One FMC feature is sold either as an option on a new system or as an upgrade to an existing camera. It is available on our 80MP and 60MP iXA and iXU cameras.

(Image on the right shows the results with {Right} and without {Left} FMC)

Phase One

To complement the RGB cameras, Phase One offers achromatic versions of the iXA-R, iXA and iXU cameras. The 60 MP sensor is optimized for aerial photogrammetric applications and offers high sensitivity to visible light, including UV and IR ranges. Achromatic cameras can be used in single camera configurations or in dual-camera configurations in conjunction with an RGB camera. The achromatic camera captures NIR images which can be combined with RGB images to create ce-registered four-band (RGBN) imagery.

Phase One aerial cameras are truly scalable systems, allowing you to adapt to different needs and scale the system to match diverse requirements.

Use a Phase One camera by itself or in multiple cameras configuration to capture synchronised images and eliminate post production sync issues.

iX Capture: An aerial capture, control and RAW conversion application that was created exclusively for shooting with Phase One aerial camera systems.

iX SDK: The iX SDK provides the tools for you to build your own custom application, with a high degree of control of which parameters to apply while capturing and processing images.

Capture One software: The raw converter for ultimate image quality, processes and converts images to industry standard formats such as TIF and JPG.

Capture One Processing Engine: Capture One Processing Engine (COPE) provides components for you to automate image processing with your settings - post-processing can happen in parallel to the capture process, saving valuable time on the ground.

(For more detail, see our brochure - page 8)

Ultimate speed and control: The perfect companion for  the iX capture application or SDK-based application.

Designed to provide the ultimate in speed, and with the ability to control multiple Phase One cameras, the iX Controller is a rugged, fanless PC, based on the 4th Generation IntelⓇCore™i7 Processor.  With a small footprint and easily integrated into any aircraft, the Phase One iX Controller acts as a central hub of your aerial camera system controlling multiple cameras.

Multiple display configuration: The iX Controller can be configured to connect to a display via wireless, network or HDMI cable. Use a touch display to control the cameras with a touch of a button.

Solid state drives: The iX Controller employs two removable SSD drives, which have especially high write speeds to ensure you capture and record every image quickly and reliably. When the mission is over, the compact and light SSD drives are easily removed from the iX Controller and sent for processing.

Large format coverage at medium format price and size

11,608 pixel cross-track coverage,
More coverage while maintaining same GSD at the same flying height

CMOS sensor ISO from 50 to 6400
High sensitivity for all weather conditions

84 db of dynamic range
Up to 0.85 second capture rate

Available as 100 MP NIR versions

PhaseONE 100 mega pixel medium format aerial camera

Phase One iXA

Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, the iXA is built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photogrammetry and streamline the entire capture and processing workflow. The camera is a major addition to the current aerial implementations that Phase One already provides to partners in the industry.

With a choice of 80 megapixel or 60 megapixel models, the iXA aerial camera is designed to easily incorporate into existing or new systems, making it the perfect solution for integrators or end users looking for a rugged, high-quality industrial-grade aerial camera system.

Main Features

  • FMC option to compensate for image blurring
  • Ultimate image sharpness
  • Dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops (>72 db)
  • Excellent color and detail
  • Lenses easily changed in the field
  • Secure lens holder

Phase One iXA-R

The Phase One iXA-R aerial camera system is an integrated medium format camera system with three lenses — 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm.
The iXA-R cameras share many of the same features as the successful iXA aerial cameras, including; focal plane and central leaf shutters, optional Forward Motion Compensation, scalability to form multi-camera arrays as well as easy integration with popular flight management systems and GPS/IMU receivers.
The iXA-R cameras expand the iXA lens range by adding three new dedicated lenses, which are individually inspected and factory calibrated for infinity focus

Main Features

  • FMC option to compensate for image blurring
  • Ultimate image sharpness
  • Dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops (>72 db)
  • Excellent color and detail
  • Lenses easily changed in the field
  • Secure lens holder

Phase One iXU 

Phase One's iXU aerial cameras answer the needs of users looking for dependable, small, light-weight, medium format aerial cameras at a reasonable price. With a choice of 80 MP, 60 MP and 60 MP achromatic CCD-based sensors and a 50 MP CMOS-based sensor, a solution is available for standalone use, building a compact array for oblique/nadir photography or for medium format photography from a UAV or light aircraft.


When every gram in a payload counts, Phase One created what is seemingly impossible: an extremely light camera with a small footprint, built around a powerful medium format CMOS sensor. With a camera barely wider than the diameter of its lens, the iXU 150 weighs in at just 750 grams (1.25 kg with an 80 mm lens) and uses a CompactFlash card for internal image storage. The iXU 150 interfaces with FMS, GPS and IMU through an RS-232 link.

Phase One iXU -R

The Phase One iXU-R aerial camera system offers medium format resolution plus high performance optics with threelenses — 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm.
The Phase One iXU-R, available in 80 MP, 60 MP and 160 and Achromatic versions, features dedicated interchangeable 40 mm, 50 mm and 70 mm Phase One Rodenstock lenses equipped with central shutters that can be quickly changed in the field.

These cameras offer unprecedented flexibility in aerial applications. The Phase One iXU-R system has been designed to address the aerial data acquisition market's needs for a small, lightweight camera with the high resolution of a medium format system, plus high performance optics and optional Forward Motion Compensation, while being compact enough to be easily integrated into a small gimbal or pod space or an oblique/nadir array.

Main Features

  • FMC option to compensate for image blurring
  • Phase One's fastest 80 MP aerial platform
  • Small and light weight - suited for small aircraft and UAVs
  • Ultimate image sharpness
  • Dynamic range of 12.5 f-stops (>72 db)
  • Excellent color and detail
  • Lenses easily changed in the field
  • Lenses pre-calibrated to infinity focus