Past Events:

'Digital Information in 3D'

4th and 5th November, 2015

3D Laser Mapping hosted an event across two days (4th November - Ground-based 3D Data Capture, 5th November - Mobile and Airborne 3D Data Capture) in order to show how 3D measurement technology can be used to benefit a number of different industries through a series of user case studies and technical presentations.

Official UK Launch: RIEGL VZ-400i

3D Laser Mapping are proud to be officially launching the new VZ-400i laser scanner from RIEGL at this event. Come along as we show you the features and benefits of this new end-to-end laser scanning system.
We wrote a blog post outlining the initial features which you can read here.
For more information and to download a brochure, head to our RIEGL webpage


The REIGL VZ-2000 is the latest long range scanner in the V-Line series. We explain here the unique properties of this line of scanners in more detail.

The V-Line® 3D Laser Scanner RIEGL VZ-2000 is characterized by an extremely high measurement rate offering high accuracy data acquisition up to 400,000 measurements/sec and up to 240 scan lines/sec. The scanner further offers exceptional long range measurement performance of more than 2,000 m to natural surfaces while still maintaining completely eye safe operation (Laser Class 1).

New: StreetMapperIV

3D Laser Mapping launched StreetMapperIV this year, and will have the system on show at our London event. StreetMapper was the first commercially available Mobile Laser Scanning system (MLS) and benefits from a long-standing joint development venture of some 15 years between 3D Laser Mapping Ltd and IGI Systems mbH. StreetMapperIV is a portable and automated solution that is easy to use, yet retains survey grade accuracy. With only one cable connection attaching the system to the vehicle, it is the simplest StreetMapper design yet. Each system comes with a high-accuracy laser scanner and market leading navigation system, with optional additions of panoramic cameras and navigation upgrades making it fully customisable to your needs.

Phase One Industrial Cameras

The Phase One aerial cameras  are integrated medium format camera systems, designed exclusively for aerial photography. Developed with leading experts and engineers in the field, Phase One aerial cameras are built to meet the exacting needs of aerial photography and streamline the entire capture and processing workflow. Easily integrated into existing systems, both onboard the aircraft and in post production, exceptional image quality and features that rival large-format cameras are provided by Phase One, at a fraction of the price. Head to our Phase One product page for more details.

Phase One


The robust and reliable airborne scanner carrying platform provides full mechanical and electrical integration of sensor system components into aircraft fuselage. The RiCOPTER can be equipped with different sensors up to an overall maximum payload of 16 kg (sensors and power supply).
For surveying missions, the RiCOPTER is equipped with the RIEGL VUX-SYS for RiCOPTER, comprising the VUX-1UAV LiDAR sensor, a IMU/GNSS unit, a control unit, and up to four high-resolution cameras.

SiteMonitor 4D

SiteMonitor4D is a high accuracy, automated, long range monitoring solution that has the flexibility and performance to function in a wide range of applications. SiteMonitor 4D captures repeat, time-series laser measurements which are used to generate detailed 3D displacement maps of the surface under investigation.

Most often, SiteMonitor4D can be found in some of the world’s largest open pit mines where rockfall and slope failure presents a significant challenge for sustaining mine productivity, however recently it has also been used for monitoring coastlines.

"SiteMonitor User Conference"

17th - 19th March 2015

Current and prospective users of SiteMonitor 4D  were invited to learn more about the slope monitoring solution from 3D Laser Mapping. The technical team from across the globe and industry experts gathered in Mokopane, South Africa to give a series of talks and demonstrations, with focus on slope stability in mining. A site visit where the solution was already installed  added to the informative event. Whilst there, the world-wide team at 3D Laser Mapping also met, to share updates and future developments within the company.