Class-leading airborne LiDAR systems.

LiteMapper systems are fully integrated sensor packages for highly accurate 3D laser measurements of the earth's surface, including:

  • high resolution laser measurement system (scanning LIDAR)
  • high accuracy precise positioning and attitude determination system (GPS/IMU)
  • sensor system control and data logging unit
  • Computer Controlled Navigation System (CCNS)
  • software for mission planning, system operation, data registration, geocoding and processing of GPS/IMU and all LIDAR data
  • optional: DigiCAM - mid-format digital camera system

All components are engineered for operation on airborne platforms. The compact and lightweight design and low power requirements make the LiteMapper systems ideal for small survey aircraft and helicopters. A high degree of automation and tight integration with the flight guidance system CCNS make it easy to operate. A dedicated LiDAR operator is often not required.

LiteMapper scan:

LiteMapper in action:

LiteMapper hardware gallery:

LiteMapper 5600+text  LM6800_adjustable mount  IGI SMU 2_rack  IGI SMU 2  DigiCAM  AEROcontrol SMU + IMU