Specialist Solutions for Laser Scanning Technology

3D Laser Mapping is a world-leading provider of mobile mapping and monitoring solutions. Designed to capture the world in 3D and deliver information for making decisions.


Through employing a team of passionate staff with a wide range of achievements and expertise, innovation in our products and services is key to allowing us to serve not only the mining industry, but to deliver unique solutions to whoever needs our help.


We offer bespoke training for every product and service we develop, ensuring the customer acquires the unique knowledge needed to use each unique solution to the best of their ability.


Our mission is to ensure that our customers are successful using our products. We aim to deliver successful outcomes through system installation, commissioning and technical support.

3D Laser Mapping

Application and Products

3D Laser Mapping - Terrestrial

Mining Open Pit

3D Laser Mapping - Underground

 Mining - Underground

3D Laser Mapping - Mobile


3D Laser Mapping - Airborne Lidar

Airborne LiDAR

3D Laser Mapping - Software


3D Laser Mapping - Monitoring

Scanners - RIEGL